Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Skyping choreography

Working together has always been fun, but it is not always possible. For working in Unfurling, because the invitation was a bit sudden, we had to work a lot through Skype, as Julia was working in Israel and I was working in Amsterdam.
Working through Skype means discussing a lot of the concept, inspirations, structure and most of all planning ahead, so that when we would meet in a studio we would go directly to business!

Working through Skype allowed us to think choreography as composition. Rather than working on movement, bit by bit, we worked on the consistency of the whole: How should we balance the dance with the lecturing part? How do we relate to the space? Etc.
It was also the moment to think of our inspirations again: What do we extract from them?

Online with our friend and composer Kaspar Fohres we discussed what we would like the soundscape and music to be like.

We worked on selecting the material from Diluting and Collaging that we want to show: some ideas of the earlier and fragments of all parts of the latter.

We have made some decisions (most of them over Skype) about the bullets we mentioned before:
- We are creating a piece that showcases our work and process in our previous duets, Diluting and Collaging.

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