Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Into Lecture-Performance

After the creation process of the duets Diluting and Collaging. We felt the need of also finding a way to share all the information/analysis product of this Luso-Mexican research, Blurry Identities. We decided that Lecture-Performance is an interesting form to share all the research with speech, dance and visual arts.

Our current mentor on making at Artez, Jochem Naafs, gave us some texts that allowed us to make an analysis on Lecture-Performance form:

Extracts from On the opportunities of performative research in arts education by Jochem Naafs
"the dance scene has found a form in which it’s able to communicate dance through words without losing some of its key elements: the lecture performance"
"Acknowledging the space, communicating what this will be"
"Quality of the words will affect the distance between the audience and performers"
"Lecture performance blurring the lines that separate it from talking about it. Art discourse."
"reflective/non reflective"
"force the artist into words, scholar research, inspiration that search for knowledge"

From Jan Svenungsson's The writing artist (2009)
"Expressive storytelling in first person - me me me us us us"
"Methodical revelation of (philosophical) truth"
"Systematic revelation of technical and pedagogical truth - explaining the processes"
"Performative experimentation, with content in the open and in disguise"
"Well-referenced academic lecturing with further ambitions - purposely bad-reference non-academic processes"

Quote from Associative Writing and the Lecture Performance by Jochem Naafs
“I came to realize that it was not just a gimmick to present outcomes of a research project as a lecture performance, but that it was actually relevant. It offered the chance to do not only talk about the creative process (...) but to also demonstrate the process. Next to this it offered me the possibility to demonstrate how I influenced the process by being present and vice versa. An aspect of observing that is easily ignored.”

Artistic research takes emblematic form in the lecture performance—a widespread phenomenon on the international art scene of recent years. The genre has its roots in the performance and conceptual art of the 1960s, and balances on the boundary between art and academia. As a hybrid of research, lecture, visual art and performative narrative techniques, the lecture performance as format addresses key questions of the status and potential of art in knowledge society, as well as the mechanisms of producing and framing knowledge.

Inspirational performances that deal with lecture-performance that share a certain perspective of the world from their life experience:

100% Amsterdam- Rimini Protokoll

Product of Circumstances- Xavier Le Roy

Veronique Doisneau- Jerome Bel

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