Monday, November 2, 2015

Inspirations for Collaging

Gaspar Fernandes. Music of the new world. Western and native cultures. Syncretism. Portugal. Mexico. 

Nadaproductions. WAR. Chilean-Mexican choreographer Amanda Piña. Swiss visual artist and filmmaker Daniel ZimmermannHoko dancesEaster Island. 7 complete traditional dances.

Gery Georgieva. British-Bulgarian artist. blending. Folk. Pop. Single Ladies. Beyoncé. Silent. traditional. Context?

"I see pop and folk culture as parallel,"  That power -- to have the ability to encourage thousands of people to learn a Beyoncé dance -- that's something quite special and weird."

Eszther Salamon. Monument 0: haunted by wars. 100 years. History of wars. tribal, folk and popular dance. Conflict zones. five continentsChanging clothing: Decontextualisation.

Samsara. Ron Fricke y Mark Magidson. Travelling. Composing Technic. Abstraction. Images. Humanity. Eternity.

Video projection. Performance. Community illusion. Beyoncé. Who run the world Girls.

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