Sunday, July 24, 2016

Some words and images on Unfurling

Unfurling through my eyes

by Jochem Naafs

Walking, marching

Connected through cloth


Counter clockwise

8 counts

Soft steps and

Loud steps

A flag ritual


Into the extreme

Or the absurd

Do it, because it has to be done

Like this

Connected through history

Folk dancing and

Spinning, turning

And being swaddled


Complicated rituality

Who remembers the origin?


Hang in there


Hang out in their



Leeds to

Musical change

And video


Julia and João

Mexican and Portuguese

More now, then before

Looking for belonging

The idea of belonging

Sitting next to each other

And then

Show the diluting

And explaining

The strategy of

Their Collaging

On the floor

The music

Slows down

And bricolage

Becomes Deconstructed

After the dark

The flag is unfolded

Into a screen for


Traditional patterns

Contemporary means

The sounds of the streets

The flag on the floor

The flag no longer the

Message, but a medium

For other means

For telling the stories

Behind the symbols

Forgotten by some

Unknown to others

Melting together

Into a bowl

Of signs and signifiers

Symbols and objects

A structure of cultures

Dance and lights and patterns

In sight, followed by

The dark of the night

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