Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Video and photo registration of Collaging

Along the 6 performances we kept trying out different compositional structures considering the feedback from the audience and Dansateliers. We also got to perform the piece in Deventer and Arnhem in 2016.

We were recorded by Paul Sixta on the 3rd performance from where we extracted some pictures and made the trailer:

One Nights Dance 2015:
Dramaturgy/artistic advice: Kristin de Groot (Artistic director Dansateliers) 
Advice concept development: Konstantina Georgelou 
Technique: Edwin van Steenbergen 
Feedback: Konstantina Georgelou, Merel Heering 
Production-leader: Hanna Eijlander 
PR: Lody Meijer 
Business leader: Johan Cuperus
Photography: Liza Szab√≥ 
Poetry: Anne van Winkelhof 
Video: Paul Sixta
One Night’s Dance 2015 is made possible by the backers on the crowd-funding campaign on 
We thank them for their support!

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