Tuesday, March 11, 2014


For thousands of years, our ancestors have been creating and developing their own cultures. In every corner of the planet there is a rich culture, meaningful to whom it belongs. In the past decades, some important details of this cultures have been dropped to forgetfulness. 

The evolution of the modern times brought many interesting and positive tools and rules that changed our life vision as never imagined. Cultures of the whole world are mixed: Chinese food is appreciated in France and French is appreciated in Mexico. Chile con Carne is sold as a Mexican dish, when its creation took place in the United States. Food stands for clothing, clothing stands for technology, technology stands for the arts and all of these contribute for cultural identity. 

The Netherlands as an open-minded country, invites people all over the world to visit and live in it's territory. Coming from Mexico and Portugal, we also took advantage of this quality by moving to Arnhem in 2012. Carrying with us a luggage that would hardly fit in any airplane, considering its size and shape. This luggage is not only clothing but a whole culture: language, education, lifestyle and whatsoever. A culture that we share from the moment we discuss with Dutch people and other foreigners facts about it.

This theme has often been in our minds as we both are concerned about our identity, an identity shaped by Mexico and an identity shaped by Portugal. But how do this geocultural conditions actually shape us?

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